Foreign ISP is Still-Born

(Photo: The Irrawaddy)

Online Censorship in Burma: A Foreign Affair - The Irrawaddy, November 2005
...MMG would not take calls to discuss the arrangement, while Teh himself says Fortinet has no involvement in Burma, even refusing to admit he had visited the country. He was, however, caught out by The New Light of Myanmar, which on May 15 printed a picture of Teh warmly shaking hands with Burma's former prime minister Khin Nyunt.
Fortinet's Michelle Spolver, the company's chief spokesperson at its headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, has also refused to acknowledge a relationship with Burma, referring to the company's "two-tier distribution model," which suggests that Fortinet is not directly responsible for where its products end up.
...Indeed, Xciprio--produced by another California-based company, SS8 Networks--is generally considered a cyber-dissident's worst nightmare. Vineet Sachdev of SS8 says Xciprio is the market-leader in products that allow the administrator of a network to spy on users. Again the product has received a series of industry awards...

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Foreign ISP is Still-Born - The Irrawaddy, November 2005
...On December 14, 1999, without warning MI raided James's three offices simultaneously, along with those of Hurley, subjecting James and his then wife to days of interrogation.
Hurley and James disagree over the reasons behind the crackdown, the Australian claiming his former American partner had become too noisy about his satellite potential in the face of splits among the foreign IT community in Rangoon and frightening the junta.
According to James, his equipment was seized to be used by Ye Naing Win--the son of the then head of MI Khin Nyunt--in starting up Bagan Cybertech...

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