Chumong Pisawong and Bangkok haunted places

Chumong Pisawong and Bangkok haunted places - November 11, 2005
Chumong Pisawong (Pisawong Hour) is on every Tuesday night at around 22:20. The two hosts, Kamon Thongplup (Pong) and Kunchai Kumnoedploy (Noom) visit spooky vacant buildings at night a la the Blair Witch Project. The show's website is
The October 21-November 3, 2005 BK Magazine, had Pisawong's list of haunted places in Bangkok:
1. Ractchaphisek Road, Din Daeng (the abandoned twin towers across from Robinsons) - supposedly a woman was murdered and her body thrown off the 10th floor
2. Pattanakan Road, near Kasembandit University - a two-story abandoned factory where pens were made
3. Nawamin Road, Suang Luang - a woman committed suicide by hanging herself in a swamp
4. Moo Baan Senanived 1, Lad Phrao - house of a family killed in a plane crash--now an empty, overgrown lot
5. Soi Watcharapol, Bang Kaen - housing development where a worker fell onto a metal pole and later a taxi driver was found murdered
6. Ramkhamhaeng Soi 32 - abandoned three-story house no filled with graffiti where a maid was murdered by robbers.
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