More on the minting of Thai coins

More on the minting of Thai coins - October 14, 2005
Gigabyte writes: I saw on 2Bangkok that the one-baht coins will be minted in Finland this year. Last year they were minted in Canada and the new coming 2-baht coins will be made… In Canada: Royal Canadian Mint to produce 400 mln coins for Thailand, Yahoo, July 8, 2005

Earlier: Thai coins to be minted in Finland - ScandAsia, October 9, 2005
Thanks to Peter for pointing this out: Mint of Finland, the Finnish coin production company signed contract with the Thai Treasury Department to produce and deliver 670 million pieces of one (1) baht coins to Thailand...
Others noted this was an odd announcement the same week the government was also announcing Thailand was becoming a "coin-minting hub."

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