Great articles from The Irrawaddy

Great articles from The Irrawaddy

Cry freedom - The Irrawaddy, October 14, 2005
...Bangkok was until comparatively recently regarded as something of a regional free-press bastion--that's print press, because electronic media in Thailand is stifled under an antiquated system going back to communist-threat days, which means almost all TV and radio stations are controlled by the government or military. But now newspapers are also under constant pressure, mainly through selective placement of lucrative advertisements by government agencies and politically-connected businesses--and sometimes use of defamation laws in court, a` la Singapore...

King Mindon's ruined vision - The Irrawaddy, October 14, 2005
...Mindon, who ruled Burma from 1853 to 1878, embraced Western ideas, allowed missionaries to work within his realm and was the first Burmese king to seek Western education for his subjects. He and his younger brother sent hundreds of young men to study in Europe, while diplomats were dispatched to Western capitals, led by one of his chief ministers U Kaung. At home, Mindon's children went to missionary schools in Mandalay, riding there in traditional fashion on elephants with armed guards...

The Shadow of 1767 - The Irrawaddy, October 14, 2005
Old enmities still weigh on Thai-Burmese relationship...

Book review: Beyond the Tales of Kings and Wars - The Irrawaddy, October 14, 2005
...Many Thai scholars in the past also tended to avoid anything that could be interpreted as controversial and contrary to the officially accepted version of Thai history.
The first real attempt to break with that tradition--in Thai, though --came when, in 1957, a young and idealistic academic, Jit Phumisak, wrote his now classic The Real Face of Thai Feudalism Today. The following year, the book was banned and its author sent to languish in Bangkok's notorious Lard Yao prison. He later fled to the jungle where he joined the insurgent Communist Party of Thailand--and was killed in an encounter in the Phu Phan mountains in the northeast in 1966...

Universal Burmese language software launched - The Irrawaddy, October 13, 2005
New computer software that allows Burmese characters to be written in emails, web pages and word-processed documents on any computer system was announced in Rangoon yesterday...
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