On the forum: “Ramasun” station Udorn Thani

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On the forum: "Ramasun" station Udorn Thani
...These were huge installations, consisting of several concentric rings of antenna several hundred meters in diameter. Officially known as AN/FLR-9 they were more often known by their nickname “elephant cage”...
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  1. M H Burton says:

    Do you want to know more about dear old Ramasun? I was there 1968-71 and I wrote a book about it…”Tales of Ramasun” available on Amazon.com. It was a strange world of spooks and spies and I was one of them…a Lao and Thai translator/interpreter and intelligence analyst. All gone now, and just about forgotten, but it is a piece of Thai history. If you are interested you can check out sample chapters of the book on Amazon. We used to call the place Thailand’s answer to the M*A*S*H 4077th with brainy unmilitary spooks instead of docs.

  2. ken C. says:

    Because of the use of agent orange in thai air force bases you may be eligible for compensation. I have Parkinsons and in the process of filing for compensation, I served in Ramasun 1971-72. Check it out I was amazed as I had to stumble upon it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hello Ken,
      I was at Ramasun Station September 1971-October 1972 assigned to H&S Company and I worked in the CommCenter as a 72B, Telecommunications Center Specialist. I have prostate cancer and I am starting a claim also.
      Bill S.

  3. Anonymous says:

    +I served with the 24th from 5 Aug 1972 – 5 Sep 1973 as analyst, VA has denied my claim for Parkinson’s Disease. In process of putting together appeal to BVA.
    Willing to share information.

  4. Anonymous says:

    We all pulled guard on perimeter until we hit e4 but va only gives comp to mil police. They don’t know they could not be beyond entrance to ops. Mp drove us out to perimeter n went back to cq, we pulled the guard duty but hedgers the comp. secondly the entire place was near the perimeter bell nco club was almost on perimeter. They rvsaying only perimeter was sprayed so only mp perimeter gets comp. A travesty

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