Who will tell the emperor he has no clothes?

SIDELINES: Who will tell the emperor he has no clothes? - The Nation, October 30, 2005

[The tone of the English-language papers has changed. Since the Bangkok Post editor stepped down, the Post seems to no longer mute news that is negative to the government (there is no longer a 'A tale of two newspapers'). The Nation has clarified the thrust of their criticism, not so cryptically contending the 'someone' should tell Thaksin to step down.]

...Is it time for us to tell him that he should step down and let somebody else try to reverse the situation for the sake of Thailand's national interests? Of course, we can, though this runs the risk of reprisals, which could come in various methods. They won't be pleasant for sure.
But if we don't tell him, who will? The majority of the members of the House of Representatives are not exactly representing the public interest. They prefer enjoying benefits in the form of hand-outs and special pay-offs from the ruling party's financiers. It's preferable to facing Thaksin's wrath.
The opposition is powerless and regarded as a mere nuisance. Public pressure groups are more or less in the same dire straits. Academics are not any better. Some military commanders are becoming too submissive, or were already loyal to Thaksin because they had been classmates with him.
The media are weakened, preoccupied about their commercial survival or the threat of heavy-handed retaliation for saying the wrong things. Some journalists are simply hypocritical, ignoring their professional responsibility and betraying their responsibility to the public.
It's the people who must speak up and stand up. Who will be the first to tell Thaksin that his stepping down is quite overdue, because of his mishandling of the crisis in the South? Is it more difficult than telling the emperor that he has no clothes?
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