What road?

What road? - October 12, 2005
Yesterday we asked: Is this really Samsen Road? What is the building in the distance? Is this looking north or south?
Today Parinand answers: Referring to the question about Samsen Rd. on today's 2Bangkok.com front page, the street in the old photograph was Inner Rajdamnoen Avenue (Thanon Ratchadamnoen Nai) not Samsen Road. I think it must have been taken before 1930s. The picture was looking north. The building in the distance was the Badman and Co. department store, which was later turned into the Law School of the Ministry of Justice and finally became the Public Relations Department before it was demolished. (The Law School was expanded to become the University of Moral and Political Sciences two years after the 1932 Revolution and later moved to the current campus at Tha Phra Chan; the university is now known as Thammasat University)
Tamarind trees lined the left side of the street, while old colonial-style buildings were found on the right. These building were later demolished and replaced with the more modern-looking court house in 1940s. The court house still exists today and it houses the Supreme Court and other minor courts of justice.
More photos of the area are halfway down this page.
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