Flyover construction at Phahonyothin and Suthisarn

Flyover construction at Phahonyothin and Suthisarn intersections - October 25, 2005
Flyover construction on Weepahwahdeerangsit Road at Phahonyothin and Suthisarn intersections--the new flyovers are in red.
Above: Construction rendering looking south down Weepahwahdeerangsit Road. Note how the plans include straightening the traffic flow on Phahonyothin Road.

Left: The 'traffic nightmare' approaching the Weepahwahdeerangsit-Phahonyothin intersection--traffic reduced to a lane and a half.
Below: Construction rendering looking north on Weepahwahdeerangsit Road at the Suthisarn intersection. Just a month ago it was reported that the Suthisarn flyovers would be delayed so as not to exacerbate the traffic situation at Weepahwahdeerangsit--Phahonyothin, but it appears the Suthisarn flyovers are going ahead as planned.

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