Post’s pack plenty of pachyderm power

Post's pack plenty of pachyderm power - The Nation, September 6, 2005
[The Nation takes a humorous swipe at the Post's recent story about cracks in the airport runway.]
One of the most inglorious upsets in sporting history happened yesterday when the Bangkok Post team pulled off a shock 3-0 over the champion Nation team at the third King's Cup Elephant Polo Tournament in Hua Hin...
Post captain Wanchai Rujawongsanti won the toss and elected to go with the wind behind him, which gave his team a big advantage - at the same time a groundless rumour swept the crowd that there were large cracks in The Nation's half of the field.
But the cracks turned out to be in The Nation's defence and the younger and fitter Post team took ungentlemanly advantage...
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