Thailand’s ‘Mr Condom’ makes comeback

Thailand's 'Mr Condom' makes comeback - The World Today, September 7, 2005
...MECHAI VIRAVAIDYA: The report that has been submitted to the Ministry of Public Health a month ago and again today, showed a huge increase in infections of sexually transmitted diseases amongst youth.
And at the same time, it had continuing increase in those who use intravenous drugs, and about men who have sex with men. So it's not just one - it's the whole across the board, and therefore, Thailand has now been knocked to floor.
We now have an increasing rate of HIV infections amongst the general public and so the good work that has been done has now been somewhat negated.
PETER LLOYD: What was your reaction when you first saw those figures?
MECHAI VIRAVAIDYA: I felt like losing my testicles. It was a great shock and I think it's like people losing their independence or being raped.
I never expected that this would happen, but it's a result of inaction by the Government, absolutely no interest by the Prime Minister except the promise at the World AIDS Conference and all the promises made have not been kept...
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