More on the Indonesian volcano

More on the Indonesian volcano - September 28, 2005
Jerry writes: ...It is not one of the major Java volcanos.. Krakatau, Merapi, Semeru or Kelut. This is one of two possibles:... Ijen is 150 kms North West of Denpasser or it could be Tengger Caldera and Bromo which is approx. 250 kms west north west of Denpasser... This page gives great detail of Indonesian volcanos.
Steven writes: Refer to your website about the Indonesian Volcano that Terry has taken the picture from his Jakarta-Bali flight, I think it should be Mount Bromo in East Java.

(Photo: Terry King)

Earlier: Indonesian volcano - September 26, 2005
Terry Kings writes: Here is a photo I took on a flight from Jakarta to Bali. It is in East Java but I haven't been able to identify the volcano yet... I was able to lean over and take a couple of shots before it was out of view.
Anyone know what volcano this is?
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