Vendor fires M16

(Photo: A reader)
Vendor fires M16 - September 27, 2005
A reader comments on Monday's report about an M16 being fired at an international school: Interesting how when you know the facts, the reporting seems lousy.
The building is Fortune Condotown 2 not Fortune Tower.
His stall was seized for continually impeding the public footpath in front of the building, as he well knew...
It’s obvious it wasn’t a dispute about 500 THB a month since he had just consumed more than 500 THB of booze… (He was also living in an apartment block where unfurnished units are 15 K+ a month.)
He was pissed off about the stall being seized, but the trigger was a fight with a farang in Bangkok Garden (above the school). The real reason was that he was out of his mind drunk, but he had to make up something more sensible... Spot the damage in the attached photo!

Yesterday: Vendor fires M16 at international school - The Nation, September 26, 2005
A food-stall owner opened fire on an international school with an M16 assault rifle early yesterday in what he said was just a way to vent his anger...
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