Chavalit’s new book

Chavalit's new book - August 5, 2005

The Post has a straight review of the book's points. The Nation has an extremely skeptical analysis...

Old southern security system worked better, says Chavalit - Bangkok Post, August 4, 2005
...He says selfish politicians were behind many of the violent incidents, including the torching of schools. Their intention was to destroy their opponents and protect illegal businesses of their political canvassers.
The arson attacks on many occasions, especially those in 1993, were intended to draw budget allocations to the areas.
The burning of 20 schools in Narathiwat on Jan 4 last year was designed to discredit politicians such as former interior minister Wan Muhamad Nor Matha and Pattani Senator Den Tomena...

ANALYSIS: Chavalit's 'last word' on South - The Nation, August 4, 2005
..."I said at the time that gunfire will erupt in the South once again," he says.
The fact of the matter is that he omits to mention that he was the deputy premier giving the green light to the proposed abolition before the Cabinet.
His book relies on a vast number of intelligence reports, allegedly prepared by the National Intelligence Agency, Special Branch Police and the United States Central Intelligence Agency.
The reports were collated in a confusing manner to support Chavalit's views rather than to shed light on the subject...
He asserts that both incidents were meant to erode the political clout of his ally and Wadah faction leader Wan Muhamad Noor Matha.
In his opinion, the southern terrorism boils down to a simple fight for control over constituencies in the region...
He has compiled several wild theories on the southern violence even though he does not root for any specific explanation.
After giving a bird's eye view of the southern strife, he concludes that "In my heart, I believe southern security is a non-issue"...

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