On the forum: More on the Chokechai Building

On the forum: More on the Chokechai Building - August 1, 2005
Interesting info on the Chokechai building, the shooting of a James Bong film, and an earthquake: Later they filmed the James Bond movie, Man With The Golden Gun in Bangkok, the groundfloor was setup as an AMC Car Dealer. The old southern sheriff is test-sitting in a car when Bond jumps in and steals it to make a getaway -- he breaks through the glass front of the building and tears down Sukhumvit Rd. I also remember the small earthquake in Bangkok - which opened a crack in the stairwell of the 13th floor - you could see daylight through. They came and patched it with some plaster --"No sweat, GI".

Also: New section on the forum: World War II and Siam
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