On the forum: Disaster and humanitarian mapping

(Source: www.reliefweb.int)

On the forum: Disaster and humanitarian mapping - August 1, 2005

Danny writes about a fascinating site: ...Want to get the latest on the Tsunami relief effort? See the latest info or view a diverse and comprehensive range of maps on the site. The whole site is voluminous and easy to use. You can search by country, Thailand , or by the latest emergencies.
...And once the media spotlight has left this is probably the best site for informing yourself on the latest relief info and rehabilitation/development phase. Links to policy and critiques and many links to NGO, govt. and UN agency sites.
A useful resource to get some insight into the real info behind the ubiquitous and fleeting disaster pictures and headlines.
Interesting title for a bird flu map on the reliefweb site by US DOS.
There is a new map of the avian flu (H5N1) area of concern by WFP on the reliefweb site...

Left: Bird flu 'Areas of concern'

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