Cambodian Prince Ranariddh has bought an island in Thailand?

Cambodian Prince Ranariddh has bought an island in Thailand? - Khmer Intelligence, July 31, 2005
[Rumors from Khmer Intelligence... What could this island be 'near Samui Island'? Under what ownership structure could Ranariddh own a Thai island? BTW: Ranariddh's condo in All Seasons Place is on the 19th floor.]
Ranariddh has bought an island in Thailand (3)
Prince Norodom Ranariddh has become much richer than one could have thought. Regarding his properties, it has become recently known in Bangkok among diplomats and intelligence experts that Ranariddh has acquired an island near Samui Island where he is to establish a resort and golf club with a French associate married to a cousin of his first wife, Princess Marie. The French associate’s name is Alain Dupuis.
Normally in Thailand foreigners are not allowed to buy properties such as the one mentioned above, only condominiums, but the Thai authorities have made an exception for the Khmer prince in order to be able to manipulate him whenever Thai interests need help in Cambodia. Ranariddh already owns a luxurious condominium in Bangkok, at one of the most expensive buildings in the capital city of Thailand, the “All Seasons Place.”
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