Stealth reviews and Thailand

Stealth reviews and Thailand - August 1, 2005
Colin came across a couple of funny reviews of Stealth that mention Thailand...
Stealth: "The pilots get along splendidly, but bashful Kara and flirty Ben look as if they would like to do more than pal around. Hence Mr. Lucas and Ms. Biel's swimsuit duet during a pointless sojourn in Thailand, an exotic backdrop for the usual military R&R (beautiful locals with negligible English skills, etc.) and the only foreign country that these happy three visit and don't shoot up."
Stealth: "In this case, though, the old issue of man versus machine doesn't entirely satisfy the agenda of director Rob Cohen (XXX, The Fast and the Furious) and screenwriter W.D. Richter (Needful Things, Brubaker). They send their dashing pilots off on R&R in Thailand for the express purposes of filling a tiny blue bikini with Ms. Biel's extraordinary fuselage and giving Foxx an opportunity to romance a local beauty who speaks no English but probably saw him in Ray."
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