Reactions to the cabinet in the press

Reactions to the cabinet in the press - August 4, 2005
The Nation has a series of scathing articles and editorials, leading with:
NEW CABINET: New line-up greeted with jeers
Suriya's new posts slammed; latest team's make-up labelled an act of political expediency
NEW CABINET: Expediency played no part: PM
Thaksin sceptical of polls saying 80% unhappy with rejig.
ANALYSIS: 'Best' Cabinet for the nation or just PM?
EDITORIAL: PM's juggling act fails to impress
...No self-respecting professional wants to serve a tenacious and authoritarian prime minister who brooks no dissent and runs the country as if it were his personal empire.
That's why the prime minister was left with less-than-stellar choices - mainly Thai Rak Thai's key financiers, leaders of various factions within the party, loyal party cadres with some potential, business associates, even people recommended by family members....

TNA assures us: Private-sector executives satisfied with new economic team

The Post had a negative take on the overall cabinet yesterday, but today is back to more general reporting and criticism of individual appointments:
Muslims demand Chaturon's return
Faction miffed about 'downgrades'
PM sure cabinet will restore battered public confidence
King to cabinet: Keep pledge
Activists doubt Watana suited to welfare post
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