Death on Rachada

Death on Rachada - August 4, 2005
A source sent in this account of a fatal stabbing that occurred last Saturday morning:

Bangkok, 7/30/2005 11:36 PM, Witness Report: At around 4:43am on Saturday the 30th of July, 2005, I and my friend Y, who studies Marketing with me at Bangkok University International College, left Rachada Soi 4 to go to Sukhumvit. I was driving my motorcycle and Y was sitting behind me. We drove on Rachada and stopped at the red traffic light Rachada/Rama IX, right opposite Fortune Town. Y and I were talking, and waiting for the traffic light to turn green, when all over sudden something hit me from behind. Then I turned around and I saw that Y was lying on the road. Three young motorcycle gang boys were stabbing him with knifes and machetes and beating him up with from what I remember a wood stick, about the size of a bat. They stabbed him in his back, totally smashed his knee, cut his right hand, and beat him at several other parts around his body. Everything went so fast. I was only focused on Y, and told him to get back on the motorcycle, so that we could drive away. Then the traffic light turned green. Y, pumped up with adrenaline, still had enough energy to get back on my motorcycle, and said: "Bring me to the hospital!", where I said yes, I will bring you to Rama IX hospital. The motorcycle gang had left, and all the cars started driving. Nobody stopped and helped us. However, then he said he felt very dizzy and lost his consciousness.

4:50am – I stopped at the side of the road, and put Y flat on the ground, next to the sidewalk. Then, I stopped a young Thai man with his girlfriend to ask them to call the police and the ambulance with my mobile. Then about 4 minutes after that two motorcycles came with blinking lights, but they were not police, they were not wearing uniform. They carried walky talkies, flash lights, etc. I think they are voluntary police or something. They then called the police over the radio. A few minutes later, two police officers from Ding Daeng Police station showed up on their motorcycles. They looked at him and called the ambulance, who took at least over 12-15 minutes to reach the scene!!! I told them to call Rama 9 hospital or Bangkok General Hospital because they are right next to the accident. I told them to hurry because Y was bleeding really bad. But they didn't listen, instead they called Ratchatevij Hospital at the Victory Monument. Eventually the ambulance came and they put Y in the ambulance car, where he then lost his heartbeat and they had to resuscitate him. They cut open his jeans, and you could see that his knee was totally smashed and crushed. He was bleeding so much, as they hit the main artery in his left leg. The doctors said that they will have to amputate his leg. Then the ambulance drove away, and the police officer told me to follow the ambulance, which I did. The ambulance went onto the express way, and I followed the ambulance even though I am not allowed to drive on the expressway. The ambulance then drove so fast that I couldn’t catch up with it, so I lost the ambulance. I went off one exit, having no idea where the ambulance was going. But the police officer at the accident scene told me which police station he works for. So, I went to Ding Daeng Police station to find out which hospital they are bringing Y to. I also called the tourist police three times, but nobody answered!!! Then, the Ding Daeng Police found out that he is in the Ratchatevij Hospital next to Victory Monument. However, I had no idea where that was. So, I asked the policeman to please show me the way to the hospital. I had blood all over me and my motorcycle, so they could see how serious the situation was. However, they refused to bring me to the hospital. Then I asked them to tell the motorcycle taxi to bring me to the hospital. They told the motorcycle taxi and I followed him with my motorcycle for 50 baht. Eventually, I arrived at the hospital; Y was bleeding very heavily. The staff at the hospital responded immediately with the best to their capabilities.

6:43am – I called R, Y’s Butanese friend who then called Y’s brother. They all arrived at the hospital 30 minutes later.
Eventually, one of the police officers that I talked to at Ding Daeng police station came to the hospital. It was the same officer who I asked before to show me the way to the hospital. He then asked me what happened, and I told him with the help of a translator. Then, the police officer and I took a Taxi back to the accident scene, where he took two photos and then talked to the police officer that was controlling the traffic light (at the time of the accident the police booth was unoccupied). This officer then said that Huaykwang police station is responsible for this.

10:00am - We went back to the hospital, where a nurse took care of my wound at my neck. After that, I left the hospital.
The doctors at the hospital were trying their best to stabilize Y, as he lost a lot of blood. He lost his heart beat several times. After the amputation of his left leg, he went into such a bad state that they could not recover his heartbeat. He passed away on Monday afternoon and is resting peacefully with God.

I have to add that during the whole night, Y did never get into an argument or fight with anybody. He was with me and his Butanese friends first at RCA and then he went with me to Rachada Soi 4, where he and I sat by ourselves at a table, drinking beer. The incident was totally surprising to me. Maybe they were after the wrong guy. I did not have a chance to talk to Y after this incident as he lost consciousness.

A similar incident happened to my friend R, who also studies at Bangkok University. He walked across a pedestrian bridge and was hit from behind. They hit him so hard that he lost consciousness. He almost lost the ability to speak. He nearly died. This was a total surprise and random attack as happened to Y.
The Police are doing their best at the moment to catch the assailants. Let’s hope they find them, even though nothing can justify Y’s death.
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