LUNAR CALENDAR: Buddhist holy days held late

LUNAR CALENDAR: Buddhist holy days held late - The Nation, July 27, 2005
...The miscalculation was discovered a few days ago by the head of an astrology association and made public on Monday by Kom Chad Luek newspaper. The “100 Years Horoscope Calendar” is said to accurately cover the calendar years 1921-2020 and is widely used by soothsayers and astrologers in Thailand.
There has been no official notice regarding the schedule of the remaining traditional events based on the lunar calculation, and whether they should be brought forward – including the end of Buddhist Lent on October 18, which should actually be October 17. Loy Krathong is scheduled to be celebrated on December 16 but actually falls on December 15.
Thongthae Ang-kaew, the son of Thongjua Ang-kaew, late author of the “100 Years Horoscope Calendar”, said he could guarantee the accuracy of his father’s calculation of the calendars, but admitted that mistakes occurred when the numeric information was computerised two years ago...
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