Magazine insults Laos

'SPICY' MAGAZINE: Laos riled over insulting article - The Nation, July 6, 2005
...Among other jibes, the magazine jocularly recommended that to curry favour with a Laotian woman, Thai men should call her "e dok thong" ("you little slut"). The expression, which translates to "golden flower" in Thai, refers to a prostitute in a highly derogatory way. "[A Lao woman] loves to be called that because it makes her look valuable," the article posited...
Charnvit stressed that because even highly educated urbane Thais harboured petty prejudices, the journalists merely reflected mainstream opinion, however objectionable that might be.

Laos jokes spotlight Thai insensitivities
- The Nation, July 7, 2005
...He recommended that Thai journalists and members of the general public take crash courses in "dos and don'ts" about how to cultivate sensitive relationships with neighbours, especially Laotians and Cambodians, many of who speak Thai.
He said that such a manual might help avoid inflaming anti-Thai sentiments like the ones that led to the torching of the Thai Embassy in Phnom Penh in 2003.
"In Thailand, we expect farangs [Westerners] to adhere to the precepts of a 'Do's and don'ts' manual, but it's high time we produced such a booklet for ourselves to learn how to behave with people in neighbouring countries," Charnvit said...
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