Notes on Thaksin’s broadcast and oil

Notes on Thaksin's broadcast and oil - July 13, 2005
Cormac notes: Maybe you already knew about this; I've never seen anyone quote it before: the Thai "Government Public Relations Department", fluently translated into English. For example, last Saturday's Thaksin broadcast was online in English by Monday.
Incidentally I found the site through this article. You've probably heard of the issue of impending (or not) "peak oil", which most western governments are being very quiet about now that oil prices have doubled. Interesting to see that Thaksin mentioned it to the the nation in June 2004 while oil prices were still unexceptional; and the King suggested commercial ethanol production in 2000...

Also: Southeast Asia reels from impact of oil subsidies - Weekend Standard, July 11, 2005
When Southeast Asian energy ministers meet in Cambodia this week, many of them must face the fact that the pain they are feeling from US$60 (HK$468) a barrel oil is partly of their own making...
...Thailand, ASEAN's second-largest oil consumer, has moved more aggressively than most to wind down subsidies that cost Bangkok US$2.2 billion since January 2004.
Bangkok ended gasoline benefits last year and is now phasing out diesel subsidies, while also considering curbs on consumption including earlier closing hours for petrol stations and electricity price increases...
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