A tale of two newspapers: Tsunami drill

A tale of two newspapers: Tsunami drill - July 8, 2005
The Nation apparently received its info from local officials who praised the warning efforts. The Post reports that leaving evacuation decisions to local officials was a mistake.

DISASTER ALERT: Temblor gives system first test - The Nation, July 6, 2005
An earthquake off Sumatra yesterday gave Thailand's month-old tsunami early-warning system its first real test...
The National Disaster Warning Centre (NDWC) in Nonthaburi gathered and analysed data from several seismic stations in the region before notifying local authorities at about 9.10am to be on alert. Television stations ran a flash-bar public announcement at 9.26am. The announcement said there would be "a very limited possibility" for a tsunami along southern Thailand's Andaman seacoast...

Quake alert leaves Phuket in confusion - Tsunami not ruled out until over an hour later - Bangkok Post, July 6, 2005
...A lack of clear safety instructions after yesterday morning's earthquake warning left Phuket in a state of confusion while the National Disaster Warning Centre was heavily criticised.
...It had made a mistake, he said, by letting local administrations try to figure out for themselves whether or not to call for an evacuation when the organisations were not equipped to make such a crucial decision...

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