A tale of two newspapers: Thairath and Matichon

A tale of two newspapers: Thairath and Matichon editorials - July 8, 2005
Thailand's two largest circulation newspapers (either one with 10 times the circulation of the English-language dailies) have editorials on Dr Prawes Wasri's criticism of the government. Both editorials discuss Dr. Prawes' comments, but focus on different aspects.
Matichon emphasizes that PM Thaksin should be careful of his word saying that if the PM does not listen to and give honor to people that it will be an obstacle for his country's administration or even bring it to a halt. Thairath focuses on the unhealthy imperative for people to become rich at any cost.

Editorial from Thairath: Robbing the center of the city - July 8, 2005
It is accepted that Dr. Prawes Wasri is one of the regular intellectual persons who comes out to criticize society and politics often and recently he criticizes the PM's policy that usually asks the question “how to get rich?” This is the greedy way that leads to eagerness to use power, small corruption, seizing things and looting the country.
If we look at the way of economic development of the Thai government at present, it all stimulation or promoting people to be greedy to get rich by short cuts and causing corruption and crime.
At present, Thai society measures the growth by GDP. This measure money or wealth, but it does not measure the index of happiness by the way of the Nation Health Assembly.
From 200 survey polls around the world of English organizations recently specified that the quality of Bangkok residents’ lives decreased because of traffic jams and the raising crime problem by two times. So Bangkok has a lack of safety in life and assets although the residents have more income and live more conveniently than people in rural areas.
Will people be happy? This time is full of robbing, killing, raping, mercilessness, and no kindness, but is possessed by greedy people racing to get rich and at the same time those who have political power and money aiming to take a lot of wealth for themselves and their followers, making corruption prosper and raising GDP to a world level.
Some people will think cheating is a common matter and accept that for politicians and government officials cheating does not matter if they are effective administrators. But Dr. Prawes regards that cheating of the powerful persons make lots of poor people. This is because cheating is taking all assets for the benefit of a few people. It is robbing the center of the city, but some think that it is success.
Blaming the government or the PM only is not fair because the current trend of globalization now clings to extreme capitalism and promotion of people’s greed. The Thai government may lead Thai society to follow the globalization trend. The problem is how we build strong people power to provoke the government to listen to people...

Editorial of Matichon: Keeping one's word and the country's leader - July 8, 2005
Again Dr. Prawes Wasri, a senior person gives comment to Thaksin attitude quite frankly. On July 5 he said that the the PM should be careful of the atmosphere of the "eunuch syndrome" which means that when one get powers, good people will leave, those who have power will cut off the truth, and the degenerate will come in. This is called "eunuch disease" and will make the country totally destroyed because they don’t know reality and will listen to the things they want to listen to.
Although this interview is quite serious, it is full of good wishes for Thaksin to adjust himself in his words to speak honor, accept the facts, and not blame people as “regular critics” that want to abuse or make the government collapse. Dr. Wasri is also one of regulars because he did not admire Thaksin.
People giving opinions in society at any place or speaking through the mass media to the public is one way of using freedom according the constitution that promotes and protects expression. The other side is testing the qualifications and ability of government--especially the government leader--whether he has the heart to listen to other opinions. If he has high ability, he will control his temper and show his generous mind and listen to every side's opinion. If he can't control himself, he will blast the bad words with the intention hurt to the other side or or make them feel ashamed.
Being a leader with all knowledge, ability, vision, fast work, and effectiveness is the qualification that Thai society wants. But looking back, we have not had that leader completely yet. For the government at present that faces corruption problems seriously, there are many sides coming together to voice concerns, warn against, suggest, but the government did not listen, but counters instead.
Although, the output of the government will be seen as the government's effectiveness in action whether the problem of the poor may be solved, whether cheating, corruption, unfairness may be gotten rid of. But the word of the government leader is important for government's credibility. However “bad words” that do not give honor and do not listen to others will be obstacles to the country's administration and even cause the country to come to a sudden stop.

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