Hmong refugees

[This is the kind of issue that attracts little interest domestically, but the foreign press will focus on it. The damage control will be slow and inept as seem by the comments by a 'local official' below.]

Baby first casualty among Hmong refugees cast out of Thai homes - AP, July 7, 2005
Thousands of ethnic Hmong refugees expelled from their villages under a Thai government to force them to return to neighboring Laos have seen their first casualty: a baby girl who died after she and her parents spent a shelterless day and night in the rain...

Traffickers blamed for Hmong influx, crisis - The Nation, July 7, 2005
Some of the 6,500 Hmong who crossed illegally into Thailand and are now stranded in Phetchabun province were brought by traffickers, a Thai official said yesterday.
Many of the Hmong paid Lao and Thai traffickers to help them cross the Mekong River to reach the northeastern province of Loei, before snaking deeper to Phetchabun, the official said...
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