Floodgates put community lifeline and water supply at risk, residents fear

CANAL CHARM IN PERIL - Floodgates put community lifeline and water supply at risk, residents fear - Bangkok Post, July 17, 2005
The Khlong Bang Pratun canal community in Bangkok's Chom Thong district enchants visitors with its unique charm, for people here still maintain traditional livelihoods.
Located just 20km from Sathon, the city's bustling business district, the area is tranquil, with green orchards set in a web of canals. In fact, boats and canals are the community's lifelines.
With limited road access, residents rely largely on water transportation. Farmers use boats to transport fruit to city markets while monks reach alms-makers on boats. There are boat taxis cruising along the canals. When people get sick, it is boats and not ambulances that deliver patients to a local doctor. Without access to tap water, residents still use water from the canal in their everyday lives.
However, this rustic canal community may become a thing of the past now that the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is planning to build floodgates to block the water flow, said Thawatchai Thongsima, city councillor for Chom Thong district. The floodgates are part of a flood prevention scheme which has received a 340-million-baht budget from the BMA.
...Residents have complained that the BMA went ahead with the project without consulting them.
They learned about it only when the city's workers moved heavy construction machinery into the area...
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