Tales from the founding of the Thai Rak Thai Party

Thaksin is loyal but wishy-washy: TRT - The Nation, July 13, 2005
...The following are excerpts of an interview with Thirapat, one of the party's 23 founding members, published on Sunday in the Thai-language newspaper Thai Post. He reveals why the party's "name" and "launch date" mattered so much to Thaksin, and what kind of person he believes Thaksin really is.
...When it came to the registration to legalise the party, we discussed the best date for the launch. Thaksin said he preferred July 14, 1998.
I argued that the date was the national day of France - the day that led to the end of the French absolute monarchy. Thaksin told me he would reconsider the matter. A week later, he came back and insisted that July 14 was best for us.
...Thaksin asked me how much debt I was handling. He said he would manage it for me. Another option was that I run for a House seat, which would mean I would rank within the top 100 of the party-list. The other option was that I told him which key position I wanted. He said I would get it if he became prime minister after the election in 2001...
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