Thaksinomics takes the bang out of Bangkok

Thaksinomics takes the bang out of Bangkok: William Pesek Jr. - Bloomberg, July 10, 2005
...It's also impossible to ignore a death-rattle of sorts pervading Thailand -- not of the economy, but of "Thaksinomics,'' the name given to Thaksin's strategies for growth.
...Yet consumers' vulnerability to higher oil prices exposes what "Thaksinomics'' really is: old-fashioned, debt-financed pump priming dressed up as something new and revolutionary. The success of Thaksin's strategy to raise Thai incomes and make the economy less reliant on exports is belied by how quickly millions of his people have fallen on hard times.
..."It's really the media that's creating this idea that Thailand is in trouble again,'' Claudia Zeisberger, program director of the Asia Pacific Institute of Finance, said at a July 7 panel discussion hosted by Bloomberg. "Let's remember that this is a maturing economy that now can handle these problems...''
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