Editorial: All must be condemned: New York and London or Rangoon and Vientiane

Editorial: All must be condemned: New York and London or Rangoon and Vientiane - Matichon, July 12, 2005
It was forecast that London would be a target of fundamentalist Muslims who aim to terrorize because they are upset the UK government headed by Tony Blair cooperated with the US to attack Iraq and overthrow the dictator's Saddam Hussein's government. Up to now the terrorist situation in Iraq that resists the USA and England has existed continuously and severely.
The terrorist event in London at this time is a lesson to the International country to realize that it is necessary to watch for and not be careless about terrorism. This lesson include Thailand.
Moreover the terrorism in London is a repeat warning for the international to cooperate closely to watch doubtful groups. Nations must give each other intelligence information especially watching charitable donations and funds to make merit. This is to make sure this money is not transferred to another country for terrorist activities in that country.
So the important duty of the international community is resist all kinds of terrorism movements no matter what the objective is. The terrorist do not only appear at the World Trade Building in New York, Madrid in Spain, London, and three southern provinces of Thailand, but also in Rangoon, Burma and Vientiane, Laos. All terrorists have different objectives, but the lives and bodies of innocent persons must be respected by all sides and must not be violated. So terrorist everywhere and at every time must be be held responsible without stopping. The world should not discriminate because of focusing more on New York and London than on Rangoon and Vientiane.
The world must realize they must stick together on terrorism that no matter what the objective is it must be condemned.
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