Latest from Chang Noi: No news is bad, bad news

Latest from Chang Noi: No news is bad, bad news - The Nation, July 25, 2005
It is Monday and thus time for another tough editorial from The Nation. The harshest editorials (like this one) are written under the pseudonym "Chang Noi" (Little Elephant).
...The pathetic list of government PR announcements that has come to replace the news is so short and boring that television channels also add human-interest stories. Most channels now have a regular slot highlighting the plight of the less fortunate in society. A typical story shows some individual rendered helpless, perhaps just by old age and poverty, but often by some physical disability too. This person is shown living alone or accompanied by a child or some shattered pet animal.
Collectively, these stories build a picture of a society incapable of helping itself. We almost never see neighbours, relatives, community organisations or NGOs in these clips. We can't tell whether they are really absent or whether this is just part of the genre...

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