Local radio stations generate strong bonds between neighbours

Local radio stations generate strong bonds between neighbours - Bangkok Post, July 25, 2005
[The Post continues its blanket coverage of community radios stations with this fascinating article.]
...It is now part of everyday life in the community. People tune in to the station when they sip coffee in the morning, clean the house, work their orchards or cook their meals. Programmes range from news and fruit trade reports to chat shows, sing-alongs and phone-ins, with people asking questions, sharing opinions and dedicating songs to others.
They can even call the station and ask the host to tell a noodle vendor listening in to deliver a few bowls to their door.
...Somneuk Somboonchan, hosting a Mon cultural programme, said a young Mon man once called and told him a girl had eloped with him, and asked for a traditional way to apologise to her parents.
Mr Somneuk said he told the man what he should do and helped talk the girl's parents, on air, into accepting his apology. Sometimes he played Cupid.
..."Some of our hosts here are from the Northeast. They play Isan songs, warn their folks about being duped by job brokers and not to drink too much to save money for families back home,'' he said.
...A man in a rage took his gun and sped off in his car to kill a friend who had cheated him of 20 million baht. On his way, he happened to tune in to a station where Phra Siangsin Chatawaro was preaching about anger management.The man made a U-turn and drove to the station instead.
"I gave him a dhamma cassette tape and told him to give it to his friend instead. He took it and really gave it to that person. Not long after that, his friend paid back almost all the money. He was very happy,'' the monk said.
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