1908 photo looking towards the Golden Mount

1908 photo looking towards the Golden Mount - July 9, 2005

Heinrich Damm writes: On today's 2Bangkok website there is an old photo entitled "1908 photo of Klong Mahanak looking towards the Golden Mount" I doubt that this is Klong Mahanak. Have a look at the map: looking from Klong Mahanak towards Golden Mount it must be on the left side of the Klong. I'd rather say, this is either Klong Bunglampoo or Klong Ong Ang.
In my book "Bangkok Now and Then" by Steve Van Beek there is a similar photo on p.28 where the caption says "Klong Ong Ang".
BTW have a look at an old photo of Klong Banglampoo on my website, but this is near Samsen Road, you can see the bridge at the lower edge of the photo...

Asiper writes: I have just bought the book "Old photo telling Siam" and see a photo of the same klong you posted on 2B. It is Klong Robkrung, not Klong Mahanak. This klong was built in the King Rama I era, but rebuilt in the King Rama V era. King Rama I ordered the building of the klong surrounded the city to protect it from the enemy and then also built 14 forts such as Fort Prasumen, Fort Yukonthon, Fort Mahaprab, Fort Mahakan, Fort Mootaluang, Fort Sertayan, Fort Mahachai, Fort Jakpetch, Fort Phiser, Fort Mahalerk, Fort Mahayak, Fort Prachan, Fort Pra-atid and Fort Isinthon. Klong Robkrung nowadays is not beautiful and bright as in the old days although the government tries to preserve it.

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