Melbourne rail

Melbourne rail - June 13, 2005
Danny writes: Rail has been run down for years in Australia with little investment in new infrastructure, Alice Springs to Darwin line aside, and stock. Past state governments have closed down lines and privatized services especially in Melbourne and Victoria. So it was with some excitement that a newly elected state government in Victoria in 1999 promised to introduce fast trains services for regional cities to/from Melbourne.
Unfortunately, the project has suffered huge cost over runs and is nearly two years behind schedule. There is a website on the project.
A few articles in today's Melbourne paper, The Age, prove that even in a professionally planning and well-managed construction environment, 'mega-projects' can go off the rails (pun intended) due to political interference: Long, slow, wait for a faster train - 'Farce rail' angers rural voters - Fast train safety called 'B-class'
No allegations of corruption here, but lots of political ineptitude and bad project management. Perhaps a few lessons for some in Thailand.

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