Degree of farce belies gravity of situation

Degree of farce belies gravity of situation - The Nation, June 7, 2005
A well-respected graft investigator who rings an alarm bell over a potentially massive airport corruption scandal faces expulsion from office by a group of judges and lawmakers who quote an apparently illegal rule.
Fighting for her is a notorious politician wanting to turn over a new leaf. She is investigated by anti-money laundering authorities who refuse to take any initiative on the airport allegations.
Meanwhile, members of other anti-graft bodies who have done absolutely nothing somehow get the opposite idea about their performance, give themselves major pay rises and are being hounded out of office or are busy trying to cover up their sins. It reads like a bad script for a messy political comedy...
As Thailand’s anti-graft, justice and constitutional mechanisms crumble around him, or at least appear irrelevant, Thaksin has seemed unfazed. He has vowed that any remaining agencies (which one?) would keep combating corruption...
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