A tale of two newspapers: Jaruvan relieved

A tale of two newspapers: Jaruvan relieved - June 28, 2005
The Post article has the government line showing everything was done legally. The Nation adds Jaruvan's insistence that only a Royal command can remove her.

Jaruvan 'relieved of duties' - Bangkok Post, June 27, 2005

Jaruvan Maintaka has been relieved of her duties as auditor-general, the State Audit Commission said, adding it had abided by the law in selecting and nominating her replacement...
The commission said the statement was intended to end public confusion over whether Khunying Jaruvan was still auditor-general and performing her duties.
It said that since the Constitution Court's ruling on July 6 last year that the process for selecting her was unconstitutional, Khunying Jaruvan had not performed her duties as auditor-general.
The commission had suspended her salary and position allowance from July 7.
The commission then told Khunying Jaruvan to hand over her duties and any state property to the Office of the Auditor-General, and appointed Puangrat Vongpo, her deputy, as acting auditor-general on July 8.
When Mrs Puangrat retired on Sept 30 last year, the commission appointed Jerarat Noppawong na Ayutthaya as acting auditor-general, effective from Oct 1.
The commission later nominated Wisut Montriwat for the auditor-general's post. The Senate approved the nomination on May 10.

OAG says Jaruvan no longer at the helm - The Nation, June 27, 2005

After weeks of confusion about the status of the incumbent auditor general, Khunying Jaruvan Maintaka, the Office of the Auditor General (OAG) has announced that she is no longer at the agency’s helm...
The statement dated June 24 said that due to confusion among members of the public and state agencies dealing with the OAG, the agency saw the need to explain the facts of the issue.
The agency said that the State Audit Commission, to which the auditor general reports, stopped salary payments to Jaruvan on July 7 last year, one day after the Constitution Court ruled that her appointment process was unconstitutional.
Her most senior deputy, Puangrat Wongpho, was later appointed to take over Jaruvan’s responsibilities and serve as the acting auditor general, the statement said.
The statement insisted that the State Audit Commission’s nomination of Visut Montriwat as the new auditor general, who was later endorsed by the Senate, was in line with the relevant laws and regulations.
Jaruvan told The Nation last night that her status remained unchanged without Royal command to replace her with a new attorney general.
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