NOBEL PEACE PRIZE: 43 women from region nominated

NOBEL PEACE PRIZE: 43 women from region nominated - The Nation, June 29, 2005
...The respected female Thai monk, Dhammananda, was also selected.
She has peacefully struggled for the rights of women to be ordained as female monks. She was ordained as a female monk in Sri Lanka two years ago.
Other Thai women selected for nomination include environmentalists Dawan Chantarahassadee, of the Klong Dan Local Conservation Group, Bhinand Chotirosseranee, of the Kanchanaburi Conservation Club; Thicha Na Nakorn, of the Network of Women and Constitution; Naulnoi Timkoon, founder of Baan Khru Noi Child Care Centre for poor children; Wilaiwan Saetia, from the Confederation of Labour; and Somboon Srikamdokkhae, from the Council of Work and Environment Related Patients' Network of Thailand.
"The work of these women is a [message] that makes the world know that peace cannot prevail at once, but rather it will happen as a result of collective efforts," Supawadee said. The project's headquarters is in Bern, Switzerland.
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