Prang Puthorn/Phraeng Phoothon

Prang Puthorn/Phraeng Phoothon - May 25, 2005
On Sunday, a Nation article mentioned "Prang Puthorn."
Asiper writes: Prang Phuthorn was built in the King Rama V era. It housed the famous Thai sweet shop, Kor. Panich and is near the Interior Ministry. It was the palace of King Rama IV’s son. He worked for as a government official in King Rama V era. More on Phraeng Phoothon.
And Wisarut adds: Prang Puthorn? That's Phraeng Phoothon, one of three Phraeng (Phraeng Phoothon, Phraeng Naram, Phraeng Sapphasart).
Phraeng Phoothon used to be the palace of Krommamuen Phuthaset Thamrongsak (children of King Mongkut and Chaochom Marnda Talap). After Krommamuen Phootharet Thamrongsak passed away at the age of 42, the children of that prince sold the palace to King Chulalongkorn and the King decided to turn that palace into commercial area with the new road within City Wall. The road was named "Phraeng Phoothon."
Phraeng Phuuthon is in between Thanon Tanao and Thanon Assadang near Saphan Changrongsee (near the Ministry of the Interior).
Phraeng Nara used to be a palace of Krommamuen Narathip Praphanphongse (children of King Mongkut and Chaochom Marnda khian), the founder of Siamese Tramway Co.Ltd., the Phraphutthabat Railway, and the Naruemit Theater. His palace had been expropriated to construct Phraeng Nara Road.
Phraeng Sapphasart used to be a palace of Kroommamuen Sapphasart Supphakit until the prince passed away. After that, the palace became another commercial area and a red light area before Pat Pong (Pat Pong Road was opened in 1950).
More Info can be seen here at Phraeng Nara - Red light district at Phraeng Saphasart's by Master Rong Wongsawan [National Artist]

Earlier: Old-town eye opener - Students get to see life in an embattled historic community - Bangkok Post, May 22, 2005
As a student at a prestigious university, Chalermpol Pattayakul's everyday life has nothing to do with the poor community behind ancient Mahakan Fort in Phra Nakhon district.
That was until the 19-year-old student of Thammasat University's political science faculty made a visit to the community this month to learn of householders' long fight against eviction, forced by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA)...
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