A tale of two newspapers: Closing community radio

A tale of two newspapers: Closing community radio II - May 21, 2005
The Post article has 15 paragraphs explaining the government's reason for closing community radio stations before mentioning the allegations that the government targets stations that criticize it. It also adds a police denial that officers attempted to search the station in the TPI building. The Nation mentions the allegations in the second paragraph and restates the charges that police attempted to search the station. More on Thai community radio stations

Govt puts the heat on local radio - Warning: Play by the rules or be shut down - Bangkok Post, May 19, 2005
...Pol Maj-Gen Kosin said an official of the Public Relations Department told him the station's powerful transmitter and high antenna caused interference. He then asked his staff to warn the station "gently".
Pol Maj-Gen Kosin denied his officers harassed anyone. He admitted police had no authority to take the action because the authority rested with the NBC but he said a gentle request for cooperation should be acceptable.
He denied a report that two policemen had tried to search the radio station at the TPI building on Narathiwat Rachanakarin road. However, the Senate committee decided to ask the police force to investigate...
COMMUNITY RADIO: PRD orders closure of stations over legal limit - The Nation, May 19, 2005
...Radio FM 92.25 accused police of intimidation after two officers attempted to gain entry to the third floor of the TPI building, where the station is located, on Wednesday. Metropolitan Police Bureau 5 commissioner Maj-General Kosin Hinthao, who was accused of ordering Thung Mahamek police to search the TPI building, defended himself to the House committee on social development and human security against the allegation.
...He said police had no intention of intimidating the station, but he had received a complaint from a PRD official that the station was disrupting other frequencies...

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Also: Broadcaster plans all-out govt attack - The Nation, May 21, 2005
A community radio station critical of the prime minister has announced plans to retaliate against a government threat to shut it down by broadcasting its anti-government programmes through other community radio stations around the country...
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