Songs for protesting workers

Songs for protesting workers - May 20, 2005
Thanks to Asiper for the following: The idea of the album, Change, came from Somboon Srikumdokkare, chairperson of WEPT: Everybody has a dream of having normal life, happy with family, and a prosperous future, but we couldn’t get to that dream. Because our lives are suffering because of things we did not do. Many groups are facing the same problems--getting chronic diseases from pollution and toxins in the environment. This impacts our lives in the long team in ways we have not prepared for. This is a change that we do not desire. We want to reflect our story to society so they are aware and understand in order to find out how to protect and find a solution. We do not want others to have their dreams destroyed by other people. We should live peacefully in the world forever.
Change (Kwam Plien Plaeng)
Mountains, fields, villages and the original owners of agricultural land are harmed by government policies bringing grief and lost lives and assets.
Crying Lamtakong (Lamtakong Ronghai)
Children lament the exploding mountain. A dam across Lam Takong reservoir causes people to be dispersed. Toxins from the dam's construction brings death to most families.
Yaitieng Mountain Bemoan (Khao Yaitieng Rampan)
Yaitieng Mountain was rich with water for farming and livestock, but the land has been taken to be an electric plant that impact makes the village collapse. People are in debt. Some are sick and die. They protest to the government. Who will solve this problem?
Call from Vienglakon (Siengpriek Jak Vienglakon)
In the past Lampang city is a rich and beautiful place. Now a huge power plant has been built, dust comes from a lignite mine, and sulfur dioxide settles over the fields, destroying the land. Come on youth, unite to build up our city to be happy again.
Standup again with the brave heart (Luk yuoen khuen krangmai Duoi Jai toe toeb kla)
The poem told us "capitalism robs the nation." The capitalists make a huge of profit from taking advantage of the workers’ wages. People lives become worthless.
For a better life (Per Cheewit ti dee kwa)
Although a broken wing prevents flight, this should not halt the dream of flight. One who loses assets loses nothing. Losing health is bad, but losing mental health is worse. Fly as you strive for a better life.
Inspiration (Raeng Bundan Jai)
Although our body is not 100% perfect , we have power to succeed. Obstacles are our teachers. There is a dusk and a dawn, a cold and a hot. We can help ourselves be fortunate. Fight without retreat. One day we will achieve our goal.
Struggle for breath (Per ther poo Haijai hob)
Poverty leads female workers to work in a factory. It is like walking to death because they have to inhale dust and toxic fumes. Finally they get sick and cannot be cured. The gasping voices ask who is responsible. This song is says that the victims will have our moral support.
Someday (Sak Wan Nueng)
There are many roads that meander in the world. Nobody knows how our walk will be, but by our path we choose by our hopes and desires. Someday it will be our day.
Network of dreams (Kruakhai Haeng Fun)
A wide world is full of peoples' dreams. If we weave our dreams and walk forward together to a better day, and also give love and concern to each other. A brighter world is coming.
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