A tale of two newspapers: Scanner probe extended

A tale of two newspapers: Scanner probe extended - June 1, 2005
Slightly different info in the Post and Nation articles. The main difference is that The Nation adds Thirayuth Boonmee's direct implication of Thaksin and a prediction of the demise of Thaksin's government in the main article. The Post has Thirayuth Boonmee's comments in a separate article and does not include the accusations against Thaksin.
Govt inquiry still missing evidence - Visanu: Extended deadline till Friday - Bangkok Post, May 31, 2005
...Patriot was the distributor of the machines for InVision Technologies in the original contract. The machines were quoted by the United States manufacturer at 1.504 billion baht (US$35.8 million). But the price shot up to 2.608 billion baht when ITO Joint Venture sold them to New Bangkok International Airport Co...
The inquiry had tried in vain to get information from the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the US Department of Justice and the California district court, as well as from Worapoj Yasadatt, managing director of Patriot. Mr Worapoj only sent his lawyers to a meeting on Friday and they did not reply to all questions.
"As he did not answer, we must apply other methods that I won't elaborate. I understand that it can be checked in the next few days,'' Mr Visanu said...
EIT is an engineering society that provides building service inspections and promotes professional ethics and academic research. The institute played an important role in scrutinising the initial bidding process for construction of the airport during the Democrat-led government. NBIA was placed under Airports of Thailand (AoT) last December...
Senator Pratin Santiprabhob, chairman of the Senate special committee on graft, said he he had no trust in the government's investigation. It would come up with the conclusion that it could not find a bribe taker or a witness, he said.
His panel would keep investigating the issue. Irregularity was obvious in the unusually high price of the machines.

Govt airport probes extended until Friday - The Nation, May 30, 2005
...Vishanu said the statement by Patriot's owner, Worapoj Yosadatt, that the Bt800 million was spent on decorative plants at the airport was unlikely - and intended to be a joke.
To get straight answers from Worapoj, the government planned to impose "a type of state authority" on him, Vishanu said.
He said Worapoj had previously been represented by more than 10 lawyers and answered only questions of his choosing.
The final matter of inquiry was detailed information that needed to be obtained from three US organisations - the District Court in San Francisco, the US Department of Justice, and the US Securities and Stock Exchange Commission (US SEC) - which has yet to arrive.
Meanwhile, government critic and academic Thirayuth Boonmee said he felt the airport scandal was likely to shorten Thaksin's reign and may prevent him completing his second term - far from original speculation that Thaksin may stay in power for 12 years.
Thirayuth alleged Thaksin was involved in the scanner scandal from the beginning, claiming the premier gave his own recommendation on the CTX machines' reliability in a meeting of the airport's policy board on October 15, 2003.
After an inspection tour of the airport yesterday, Thirayuth described the widespread corruption in Thai society as "chaos"...

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