Big Brother Shocks Thailand

Big Brother `not Thai enough' - Bangkok Post, May 17, 2005
...The programme has drawn criticism since it began, but became an even hotter issue over the weekend after some viewers complained to Khao Sod newspaper about the behaviour of the two contestants who ``acted like lovers''. They were seen holding hands, touching and hugging each other and were often seen lying together on the sofa or sharing a blanket in bed.
...Dr Panpimol Lortrakul, a child psychiatrist, raised concern over scenes involving love relationships since it could cause copycat behaviour once the programme is broadcast to mass audiences.
...Ladda Thongsupachai, director of the Cultural Surveillance Centre under the Culture Ministry, said she has kept a close watch on the programme from the start.
" We realise the risk of the programme. Since it is a reality show, anything, including sex, could happen. And even though Toto has been voted out, we still need to be watchful of the contestants,'' she said.

House panel shocked by `Big Brother' - Bangkok Post, May 18, 2005
The House committee on religion, arts and culture will invite the producer of the reality TV game show Big Brother-Thailand to explain the ``improper behaviour'' of two contestants...
"I don't understand why they dared to express their love openly before the cameras, or if they were told by the producer to do such a thing in order to get the top TV audience rating,'' Lt Kuthep said.
..."Thai society can't accept a reality programme like this because it does more harm than good to society,'' he said. ``Why did the Thai producer import the concept of the programme from a foreign country?''...

Update: Big Brother will tone it down on air - Contestants told to mind their behaviour
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