Bridging the communications divide

Bridging the communications divide - Bangkok Post, May 2, 2005
The Non-Formal Education Commission is expanding a plan to create a written language for the Pwo Karen by using a Thai-based script, despite doubts over its worthiness expressed by an expert working with the ethnic group.
...The scheme has already turned out 200 charts of transcribed letters and instructions on pronunciation, 100 copies of a dictionary containing 288 entries with descriptions in Thai and English, and language curricula for school-aged Pwo Karens, according to Anong Chuanont, another commission staff member working on the project.
..." In fact, written languages that most Karen use to communicate globally are the Burmese and Mon,'' Mr Surapol said, noting that a similar attempt at Khao Lek village in Si Sawat district of Kanchanaburi 20 years ago failed.
"We should not create a new linguistic culture for ethnic minorities. It will stop them communicating with one another. It will not help preserve their language and instead pose problems for them,'' Mr Surapol said...
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