Who could be behind Rangoon bomb attacks?

Who could be behind Rangoon bomb attacks? - The Irrawaddy, May 13, 2005
...A former explosives expert who planted bombs for a Karen rebel group told The Irrawaddy that although a network of operatives existed they didn’t have the ability to plant bombs in busy Rangoon supermarkets. For a start, they didn’t have the bombs, he said.
Karen, Shan, Karenni and other groups based along the Thailand-Burma border are anyway in disarray. They lack not only organizational and operational sophistication but also co-ordination. It is hard to imagine that they could plan a coordinated attack in Rangoon without being detected by a watchful regime.
In Rangoon, the most commonly accepted theory is that former military intelligence officials could be behind the attacks. Yet the entire intelligence apparatus has been dismantled, intelligence chief Gen Khin Nyunt is under house arrest and his subordinates are in jail—“I don’t believe former MI agents are a significant force,” said a senior Rangoon diplomat...
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