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More on country names - May 16, 2005
Cormac writes to note the differences in the country names mentioned in the Post yesterday:
Holland or the Netherlands - different things, Holland is a subset of the Netherlands.
America or the United States - different things, America is a continent, two continents in fact.
Britain or the United Kingdom - different things, Britain is a subset of the United Kingdom.
Switzerland or Helvetia - different languages, English and Latin.
Germany or Deutschland - different languages, English and German.
Sweden or Sverige - different languages, English and Swedish.
Japan or Nippon - different languages, English and Japanese.

Earlier: Siam proposed as Thailand's 'second name' - Bangkok Post, May 13, 2005
...He said many countries have two or more names, such as Holland or the Netherlands; America or the United States; Britain or the United Kingdom; Switzerland or Helvetia, Germany or Deutschland, Sweden or Sverige, and Japan or Nippon.
The campaign was aimed at reminding Thais of the auspicious name of Siam, which was granted by King Rama IV and means an ancient country of people of all races and religions.
Siam was renamed Thailand in 1939 on the order of former prime minister Field Marshal Plaek Piboonsongkhram who wanted this country to appear modern to the world, despite many objections to the change at the time.
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