‘How we defeated a boiler room’

'How we defeated a boiler room' - May 12, 2005
[Interesting talk at the Australian-Thai Chamber of Commerce...]
Australian-Thai Chamber of Commerce Topic: "HOW WE DEFEATED A BOILER ROOM"
Guest Speaker: Khun Sutham Siribunyawat, Managing Director of Sukhothai Inter Law and Business...
The BCCT and Austcham are delighted to welcome Khun Sutham Siribunyawat, LL.M., Barrister-At-Law, Managing Director of Sukhothai Inter Law, as guest speaker at this Special Luncheon...
The following is a brief summary of an article that appeared in the 14th March 2005 issue of the Bangkok Post.
Sukhothai Inter Law and Business first filed a THB 33.08 million claim against International Asset Management (IAM) in August 2002 with the Southern Bangkok Civil Court. The court ruled against IAM in December 2002 and in March 2003 directed that THB 11.7 million held by IAM in a Thai bank account be remitted to the court and ultimately to the plaintiffs (12 Australian investors). Although only 30% of the investors original investments were recovered the case represents a precedent for the Thai legal system...
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