A tale of two newspapers: Security measures

A tale of two newspapers: Security measures - April 7, 2005
The Post has a brief mention of security cameras towards the end of a long article detailing the many general security measures to be put in place in the wake of the Songkhla bombings. The Nation has a different story that seems to indicate a kind of police state is at hand. Their headline and article seem written to enflame Western attitudes towards government surveillance.

ANTI-TERRORISM MEASURES: Security cameras everywhere - The Nation, April 6, 2005
PM calls for closed-circuit watch on hundreds of key sites, random searches, plus machine guns for airport guards...
Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra will order all major transportation facilities, tourism sites, public offices and other high-profile venues in the country to install closed-circuit cameras as a countermeasure against possible terrorist attacks.
The venues include bus and train stations, airports, hotels, department stores, shopping malls and all government offices, said Pol General Chalermdej Jombunud, government spokesman.
At the weekly Cabinet meeting yesterday, Thaksin instructed Sermsak Pongpanit, deputy interior minister, to meet with private firms and relevant public agencies and officials, including provincial governors, to push through the new measures, he said.
...Officials on security details at public events and places would be authorised to conduct random searches, he said.
Thaksin said he was aware that the new measures would annoy some people, but he insisted they were for the good of the entire country...

NSC puts country on `red alert' - Landmines to protect police in remote South - Bangkok Post, April 6, 2005
Security forces have gone to the highest state of alert after Sunday's multiple bombings in Songkhla took the nation from a state of regional unrest in the deep South to a real threat of terrorist action against general civilian targets.
The decision to go to red alert came after a security meeting involving the air force, the Transport Ministry, Airports of Thailand Plc and Thai Airways International at the Royal Thai Air Force headquarters yesterday. The meeting was convened in the wake of the multiple bombings in Songkhla on Sunday. One of the targets was Hat Yai airport.
...The Transport Ministry would also order Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Co to acquire and install security camera systems at its airports as well as at bus terminals to support the top security approach...
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