Thaksin to give top priority to opening casinos

Thai Government Expected to Push for Casino - Business Day, March 8, 2005
The planned launch of a casino business in Thailand will take a step closer to reality as the new cabinet of Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra is expected to give top priority to the issue.
Thaksin’s advisors will soon come up with the idea that the government build the integrated entertainment complexes, including casinos in Phang-nga province’s Khao Lak island where the construction of a new airport is underway.
"Previously, a group of Malaysian businessmen led by Tan Chee Kiang purchased a plot of land on Yao Yai island, which is also located in Phang-nga province, so as to build on it the integrated entertainment complex, dubbed 'Phuket Paradis'e", at a combined investment of between 20-40 billion baht…"
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