Thai culture in transition

Thai culture in transition - The Anniston Star, April 10, 2005
...Thailand today is faced with the disruptive impact on its traditional core values and institutions, rooted in hierarchy and patriarchy, by the emerging forces of individualism, egalitarianism and good governance. The ensuing struggle between tradition and change has proved to be volatile with concomitant instability, disorder and disharmony. Some see Thai society’s survival in retrenchment, in preserving and strengthening the barricades of tradition; only then will there be social and political stability and security. Others contend society’s survival is actually dependent on breaching those very barricades and reforming Thai society to be more in tune with a largely antithetical set of values identified with so-called civil society. Both sides tend to view this culture conflict, this internal “clash of civilizations”, as a zero sum game...
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