PM defies astrological warnings

PM defies astrological warnings - TNA, April 9, 2005
[More Thai wordplay: In Thai the fortuneteller says that Thaksin's forecast "breaks bad." So Thaksin responded by saying he forecasts that the fortuneteller will "break his mouth."]
Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra is normally known for his belief in fortune tellers, but when the president of the International Astrological Association recently predicted that the country could face a serious crisis and that Mr. Thaksin himself would have health problems, the prime minister became unusually dismissive.
Describing astrologers as 'guessers', the prime minister noted to the nation on his weekly radio address this morning that Thais had a habit of only remembering the accurate predictions that astrologers made and conveniently ignoring the wrong forecasts...
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