The Oil-for-Food Program and Thailand

The Oil-for-Food Program and Thailand - April 11, 2005
Documents from the Independent Inquiry into the Iraqi Oil-for-Food program investigation has lists of all buyers of Iraqi oil and vendors for humanitarian suppliers during the program. Here are the Thai-registered companies that participated (figures in USD):
Oil sales
Thailand was the 31st highest oil purchaser most with 330.193 million total
Thai purchasers
Chaiyaporn Rice Co. Ltd. - 233.985 million
PB Pongboon Intertrade Co. Ltd. - 14.596 million
Petroleum Authority of Thailand - 82.334 million
Humanitarian goods and oil spares purchases
Thailand was 14th highest supplier with 703.812 million total
Thai Vendors
Chaiyaporn Rice Co. Ltd. - 675.119 million
Pongboon (PB) Intertrade Co. Ltd. - 8.763 million
Thai S.D. Marketing Ltd. - 19.930
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